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Chuckwagon Inn Bed & Breakfast

The History of Chuckwagon Inn Bed and Breakfast

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The old stone house was originally a dog trot structure with a dirt floor between the two rooms, a bedroom, and the kitchen. The house was built in 1854 by the Tatsch Family. This family also built the first stone house in the town of Fredericksburg and is located at the corner of Bowie and Austin streets. The family would bring the horses in between the rooms at night to keep them from being stolen by the Indians.

During the Civil War, runaway slaves and Germans that were in trouble with the Confederate troops were hidden in the attic of the old home. The kitchen and a second small bedroom for the children were added sometime later. The two Tatsch brothers owned all the land that is now a subdivision, airport, and the golf course.

Around the turn of the century, the farm was a dairy. It was owned by the Miller family and was called the Live Oak Dairy. The locals still call it the old Miller Dairy. It was owned by Mr. Miller until about 1952 when he sold the farm. In the early 60's it was a peach orchard and a farm.

The present owners, Sam and Becky Higgins, have turned the old milking shed and the barn into bed and breakfast suites and call it the Chuckwagon Inn.

The only structure that is not original to the farm is the Bollinger Cabin. We bought the logs from a rancher in San Saba, TX and had it restored in 2001. The cabin was originally built in 1850 and was owned by the Bollinger Family. All of the old original structures have been lovingly restored with the only changes made on the inside to keep it true to the way it looked as a dairy.

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